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High Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valves


flownotion High performance double offset butterfly valves provides excellent flow control, bubble tight shut off & longer seat life with smooth operation. Widely used in Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petroleum & HAVC industries.

Codes & Standards

Design : API 609, API 607 (Fire safe)
Testing : API 598, FCI 70-2

Design Features

  1. Low Torque Value: Once the disc comes out in offset there is no contact of seat & Disc which offers friction free movement.
  2. Less wear & Tear of lining & Seat because of less contact compared to concentric type.
  3. Ease of Replacing the seat: Only seal retainer ring to be un screwed & seat to be replaced.
  4. Disc stopper designed to prevent disc rotation in wrong direction and potential seat damage
  5. Excellent in throttling applications.
  6. Actuation with Lever, Gear, Pneumatic actuator, Electric Actuator, Positioner.
  7. Available with different seating options (PTFE, RPTFE, Metal).
  8. Fire safer test requirements as per API 607 6th

Size Range Class Rating Connection Shall Material Specifcation
50 - 600 # 150 / # 300 Wafer / Lugged
  1. ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB
  2. ASTM A 351 GR. CF8/CF3, CF8M/CF3M.
  3. Special Alloy Steel materials