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Knife Gate Valves


Knife gate valves are mainly used for on-off and isolation services in systems with high content of suspended solids. The knife gate valves are especially beneficial for handling slurry, viscous, corrosive and abrasive media.

Flownotion knife gates are designed to work in some of the harsh environments, typically having a sharpened blade to cut through heavy liquids. Knife gate valves are used in various industries like Fertilizer, Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Material handling / Ash handling, Steel, waste water, Food, Aluminum.

Codes & Standards

Design : MSS SP-81
Testing : MSS SP-81

Design Features

  1. Lugged type Sleek design.
  2. Available in different seating options like integral metal seat, EPDM, Silicon, PTFE.
  3. Beveled knife gate to cut through solid particles.
  4. Gland packings are self-lubricated.
  5. Purge connections to flush material retained in valve body.
  6. V port design used for throttling applications.
  7. Hardening on seat & gate to increase working life & to prevent surface erosion.
  8. Available in Rising & Non rising spindle.
  9. Actuation with Lever, Gear, Pneumatic actuator, Electric Actuator, Positioner.
  10. Square port for material handling applications.

Size Range Class Rating Connection Material Specifcation
50 - 1000 PN 10 / PN 06 Wafer / Lugged / Flanged
  1. Cast Iron
  2. ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB
  3. ASTM A 351 GR. CF8/CF3, CF8M/CF3M.
  4. Special Alloy Steel materials